Betting Rules

To participate in the game, visitors must be registered and logged in to the site.


The betting offer will include matches from the competition for which the administrator chooses to be able to participate in the game.
Generally, competitions of the highest ranks in all available sports will be provided, and competitions according to the special interests of visitors.
In this way, a variety of choices is achieved and uncertainty and predictability of the outcome of matches is ensured.

If a competition or match is available for betting, the user has the option to type the result 1, X, 2 with the odds that follow a certain type of match.
The odds of the match are not fixed and are determined dynamically according to the popularity of the match, the number of bets and the type of bet.
The quota rule is clearly set and cannot be changed.
Until the match is closed, the odds are dynamic and the user can cancel or change his bet at any time if the current odds do not suit him.


For each bet on a match, the user bets with 1 unit.
If he guesses the result of the match with his bet, according to the quota that will be valid at the closing of the match, he wins a certain number of units.
The difference between the number of units won and the stake (1 unit) represent the profit of that player and are used to summarize the results on a weekly, monthly, and total table.
Therefore, if the user guesses the match result, his profit will always be higher than 0, according to the realized odds on the match.
If a player does not win his bet, his profit is exactly -1 unit.
While the match is closed or its result is not yet known, the player's profit is 0.

Quota calculation

The quota is calculated as follows:


Example 1:
If the match is bet 10 times, and the home team's win is betted by 6 players, the draw is betted by 3 players, and the guest win has only 1 bet, the odds for each outcome will be as follows:

For outcome 1: 6 + 3 + 1/6 = 1.667, Profit = +0.667
For outcome X: 6 + 3 + 1/3 = 3.333, Profit = +2.333
For outcome 2: 6 + 3 + 1/1 = 10,000, Profit = +9,000

According to this, the more users predict the same outcome, the odds decrease in proportion to the number of players.
A player who plays by surprise can expect higher odds and therefore a higher profit from the match if he win.

Example 2
If the match is bet 5 times and all players bet on the home team to win, then the profit is divided in proportion to the number of players

For outcome 1: 5 + 0 + 0/5 = 1,000 => Odds = 1 + 1/5 = 1,200, Profit = +0,200

A game like this is considered "safe" because more players get less profit.
In this way, if the player is the only one who bets a game, the odds he achieves are the initial odds of 2,000.

In this way, players are motivated not to play it safe, but to try to guess the outcomes of uncertain duels. In addition to the bet on the match, the player can, if he wants, leave a comment on why he bet a certain match, and in that way, other visitors can be presented with a proposal of the bet that they can use for real betting.

The starting odds for each game and the first player to bet is always 1,000.

On the My Tips page, the user can always see the results of their bets, which was the effective odds and the profit made. If the match is not closed yet and the player is not satisfied with the current odds, he can give up betting or change his bet. With that change, the odds will change again for all players who bet the same game.


There is a weekly, monthly, and total table to view player performance.
All profits per game are added up and displayed in a summary table that represents player placements in specific time cycles.
In order to determine which match belongs to which cycle, the date of the match is taken, not the date of betting.

Placement on the table is determined by the following rule:
  • Total profit
  • Guessing success rate
  • Number of winning bets
  • Number of all bets
  • Playing experience