About Sportiwo

Sportiwo is an international sports portal.

The main idea is to allow a user to free create and share various competitions and depending on their involvement earn some credits for site participation.


We are open to users anywhere in the world who want to promote their own national professional pr amateur competitions. If you can not find your favorite competition anywhere on the Internet, you can create it here and share it with other users.


For users who are webmasters or officials in some sports clubs, we provide service for the display of various sports data, like results, tables, statistics, or special content on demand.

Sport archive

Our idea is to store the sports data archive from the past which can be freely filled by users. All competitions can be linked through history and easily accessible for future statistics.

Sport network

The site has integrated sport social network oriented to users to share their sports events, posts, and media articles.


To ensure users with always challenging content on site is available free betting games


One of the main concepts of this portal is our reward to users who actively participate in the site content. For each competition and entered results users earn some points. After a certain time, those points will be converted to future Sportiwo cryptocurrency.