Sportiwo rewards


For all users registered on Sportiwo to keep them entertained and benefit from their involvement in the website, we have designed a reward scheme.

The main unit of reward is a point that can be earned by creating and administering competitions, entering or reporting match information, results, and confirming it.

Rewards for competition submission

The user creates competition in the user panel. Every user who submitted competition creation and has approved that competition will be rewarded (for match creation) because he is the creator of the competition. He will gain ownership of the competition.

Each competition will have max reward which will be separated between users who administer it.

If the creator just enters the competition and stops administering it, he will hold 33% of ownership. Other users can take that ownership by entering new match results.

It will be displayed on the competition page as contributors. If the user has 50% +1 of ownership he will be promoted to admin of competition and can enter results immediately.

Other users only can enter results but will earn a reward if their results are accepted and confirmed.

Entering and confirming results

Each match has its reward pool. It can be a maximum of 30 pts distributed in the following way:

  • 10 pts user who creates competition and match

  • 10 pts user who enters a result

  • 5 pts to a user who enters date/time

  • 5 pts to a user who enters game information

If the result is entered by the user who is at the moment admin of competition (owns more than 50%+1) it will be immediately displayed so no confirmations are required. If results need to be confirmed then there will be a need for X confirmations for the game. So for example there is a need for 3 confirmations, each user who confirms the result got 1 pts, and the user who first enters the result got 7 pts.

The number of confirmations is calculated dynamically based on the number of users involved in the competition. A higher number means that the number of confirmations needs to be higher.

In case if wrong information (result, date, info) reward for that will be distributed among user who reported and the user who accepted info and that will be done in the following ratio:

  • for date/time or info 4 pts receive user who reports that data and 1pts for the user  who accepts reported data

  • for game result 8 pts receive users who report result and 2 pts user who approves result.

Based on all number of matches in each competition will be calculated total worth if competition distributed among its users. User with more than 50%+1 will be promoted as admin of the league and he will have the exclusive right for league administration e.g. entering result without confirmation.

For each match is displayed information with total points in pool and users who earned them. Also is transparently displayed historical actions on the match. In the case of reported data, that is displayed also with the option for other users to accept that data.

Reporting wrong data

Users can report wrong entered information about matches such as date/time, result or result information (half time, quarters, etc…). For that activity, if the report is accepted user will be rewarded according to the reward scheme above.

The user only can report on data that is entered or previously accepted. It is not possible that more users report the same new data. In that case, only the first one who reported correct data will available to acceptance.

If reported data is again wrong whole process starts again until correct data is entered or competition is locked.

At the end of the competition cycle webmaster can have the ability to check the correctness of data and recalculate (redistribute) match reward in case of some errors.

Coin reward

At the end of each half-season, the competition will be automatically locked and all earned points will be available as coin reward in ratio 1:1. Then it will be added to the user account.

The user will have the ability to withdraw to that amounts to its personal wallets and trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.